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Your complete guide to eating out in Montclair and neighboring communities.

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Montclair Eats offers powerful search options that make it easy to find the perfect restaurant.

Sample search by cuisineYou may be looking for a certain type of food, like Italian or Chinese. Use the Select Cuisine option. Simply select your desired category, then click on the Search button.

Sample search by featurePerhaps your interest is in a place that offers outdoor dining, serves brunch or delivers. Use the Select Feature option to find what you need.

Sample freeform text searchMaybe you know the business name or address. You can type that into the third search field. With this tool, you can find every restaurant on Bloomfield Avenue or every place that has "Palace" as part of its name.

Sample search
Of course, you can combine all of these choices into a single search. Perhaps you want all the Italian Restaurants that offer outdoor dining and are located on Bloomfield Avenue.

Sorting Your Results

Most restaurant listings return the results in alphabetical order. Montclair EATS has that capability too, but we also offer several other methods of sorting listings.

Random List
This is the default selection. Restaurants matching your selection criteria are displayed in a completely random order. This ensures even coverage of all restaurants in our database, and also makes it easier to choose a new restaurant. Simply go to the first place on the list!

Business Name
This is the standard alphabetical listing.

Rating (high to low)
This setting sorts the listings based on the ratings you and other site visitors have awarded to each restaurant. Note that unrated restaurants appear at the end of the list. When two or more businesses share the same rating, the one with the most votes is listed first.

Price (low to high)
Choose this setting to sort listings based on the average entree price. Prices are broken into three ranges and are indicated by the number of dollar signs shown, with Average entree price being the most expensive.

Street Address
This feature is unique to Montclair EATS and is particularly handy if you plan on strolling around town. With restaurants listed in address order, you can easily find the places that most interest you.

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